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Before You Take to The Skies, You Must Earn Your Wings

We, at Aero Flyer Institute, want to train you to be one of the most professional pilots in the industry. Aero Flyer Institute has a nationwide reputation for producing well-trained, professional graduates. Our connections to the Indonesia’s top airlines and corporate flight departments become your connections to a successful career and our Career Development Department has the resources you need to land the right job.

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The Definitive Path to Achieve Your Dream of Flying

Aero Flyer Institute is renowned pilot training in Indonesia where you can have a truly unique opportunity. Our institute and facilities are located at Budiarto Airport, Curug - Tangerang, and Cakrabhuwana Airport, Cirebon-West Java.

Our main goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive professional pilot training programs and high standard. You'll get benefit from our advanced and latest technology learning facilities, which include Cessna 172P, Cessna 172S, Piper Seneca II, Red Bird FMX, and Frasca 142.

Our building complex is equipped with modern classrooms, and extensive training resources, all dedicated to your education.

Message from the President Director

We are pleased that you are considering Aero Flyer Institute for your flight training, where a truly unique opportunity awaits you. A professional aviation career is like no other career. You can look forward to wonderful experiences and an opportunity to meet and work alongside some of the finest people in the world. But, to be qualified for this career you must possess qualities that can never be compromised.

A decision to pursue a professional aviation career carries with it some tremendous responsibilities: the lives of countless peoples and the safe operation of airplanes valued at millions of dollars. To be entrusted with these responsibilities you must be a leader, and to be a true leader you must be honest, respectful to others, disciplined, enthusiastic, and willing to lead by example.

If you are able to successfully complete the demanding courses of training at the Institute many carer opportunities await you. But you need to possess the qualities 1 have already mentioned.

Congratulations on selecting our great aviation profession, and for choosing the best pilot training organization.


Our Vision

To be a trustable and qualified Pilot school that can give the aviation world our graduated pilots with high quality and excellent professionalisme.

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