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We are pleased that you are considering Aero Flyer Institute to obtain the training necessary to embark upon career in aviation industry.
We proud of our institution and the success we have had in providing pilots to the aviation industry

We invite you to visit our training facilities, examine our aircraft and maintenance facility and speak with our students and staff.
We will be happy to assist you in any way possible to prepare you for your education and the future in aviation industry.

Welcome to Aero Flyer Institute

Head of Training

Aero Flyer Institute is renowned pilot training in Indonesia where you can have a truly unique opportunity. Our institute and facilities are located at Budiarto Airport, Curug - Tangerang, and Cakrabhuwana Airport, Cirebon-West Java.

Our main goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive professional pilot training programs and high standard.

You'll get benefit from our advanced and latest technology learning facilities, which include Cessna 172P, Cessna 172S, Piper Seneca II, Red Bird FMX, and Frasca 142.
Our building complex is equipped with modern classrooms, and extensive training resources, all dedicated to your education.

Ground Training will be conducted at Budiarto Airport, Curug -Tangerang and the Flight Training will be conducted at Budiarto Airport Curug-Tangerang, Bandara Cakrabhuwana, Cirebon-West Java.

Coordinate: 6°17'35"S 106°34'11"E

Bandar Udara Cakrabhuwana, (WICD) is an airport which located at Cirebon, West Java. This airport also dedicated for training Airport, and also used by Aero Flyer Institute for training.

Coordinate: 6°45'22"S 108°32'18"E

Ground Training will be conducted at Bandara Budiarto, Curug-Tangerang and the Flight Training will be conducted at Bandara Budiarto Curug-Tangerang and Bandara Cakrabhuwana, Cirebon-West Java. The courses are designed based on the minimum requirement of DGCA.

The basic requirements to obtain the license are approved by Indonesian DGCA. For the final flight exam will be checked and examined by DGCA’s Inspectors. Trainings manuals and guidance are in English.